TT500 oil questions

I''ve got a 1978 Yamaha TT500 that I've had for a year. My 2 questions regard the oil.

First, my wife has a 2007 TTR125 Yamaha with a Rekluse clutch. We live in the same town they are built, & had the mfg install it. They recommended Shell Rotella T oil for use with the Rekluse. They also said it was a great oil to use in my older TT. SO, any opinions or experience with the Shell oil?

Second. I've contemplated using a synthetic in the TT, but have heard stories about converting an older bike to synthetics. Something about it loosens up varnish or whatever and can clog the oil passages.

I change my oil about every 5-6 rides. I'm an older (55) rider & don't bomb like the young guys. Is my oil change intervals about right.

I've just come back to riding after 30 some years & have forgotten most that I knew


The Rotella will work fine. I've been using it for years in my XR. Synthetic does have a way of dissolving crud and causing leaks. I's guess that if there is really a lot of crud it could be a problem. I kind of doubt it though.

The bottom line is that just about any oil will be superior to what was available back in the day.

been using rotella t synthetic in the xt500f for months. stock clutch & works fine.

Why mess around use the recommended Yamalube.

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