SideWinder Titanium Sprockets and Chain

Hey gang,

Last week I broke down, got a loan, and ordered the SideWinder Titanium Ti-Moly 2 sprockets (both) and their SmartRing chain for my 06 YZ450F.

I open the box and the first thing I noticed is "holy cr@p, they are heavy".

So my question is, are they much heavier than anything else...or is it just me?

I am running a stock chain and cheap alluminum sprockets (tag, renthal, etc).

I ride moto (30+ C) and woods (WORCS style, 30+ C). I do not like the idea of adding so much unsprung weight. I plan to take the sprocket and chain to my office and use the scale in the mail room to see the difference.

Am I making too much a deal of the weight issue? Do they weight the same as IronMan or other longer lasting sprockets?

What about the chain, it sure seam big. I am going to put a micrometer on it to check the width.

Any suggestions or opions would be great. I want to decide soon, so I can send it back if need be.



Make sure that chain will not rub the engine cases at the front sprocket. I know it is tight up there.

As for weight, I know the standard Renthal aluminum rear sprocket weighs around 10oz. on my KX450 in the 51 tooth size. I don't have a problem with it lasting as long as there is a good quality chain on there. As in, NOT the stock stretch-o-matic chain.

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