450 F from XR4

Just lookin about there are some great WR450Fs out there to be had and the lure of an electric start is becoming greater, especially stalling up a slippy incline.

The XR4 is just a great bike and maintenance is easy, is a WR just as easy.

How often to valve checks??

Whats the bike like for tarmac riding as I sometimes do 70/80 miles to get to rocky trails in mid Wales where I love to ride. The XR sits superbly at 55/60 mph on 15 45 sprockets and pulls well enough off road as well. Is the WR in the same league or better??

They really are not even comparable, the wr is in a whole other league. If you go with the wr you will be very happy, just stay away from the 03s . Maintenance is easy, change oil more often and clean air filter when it is dirty, check valves 2 to 3 times a year, I am sure others will state their opinion.

So would you say maintenance is on a par with XR

What about road speeds??

maintenance is a little more, but this is pretty close to a ride it and forget about it bike as they come. I know offroad I ride my 04 pinned for long distances. So 55 or 65 should be fine. The wr is higher geared than a xr400 internally, you can always make it higher or lower with sprocket choice. If you do buy one you will wonder what took you so long.

So would you say maintenance is on a par with XR

What about road speeds??

well when i owned a xr i changed the oil once a year and never checked the valves in 3 years . changed fork oil when i got it .

with my wr i change oil every 10 hours and check the valves every 40 hours . grease the linkage 1-2 times a year , change fork oil every year .

the grin the 450 puts on your face when you twist the throttle makes it all worth it .

i have never had my 450 break down , and its the dreaded 03 you have been warned about .

im just shimming the valves now for the first time since buying it .

it will also go through gas faster then your xr so you might want to buy a bigger tank if you go on long rides .

i also had xr 400's back in the day and now ride the blue thumpers...think of the wr as a modern day xr.it's a trail bike,but a really nice,light years ahead,more nimble,stronger trail bike...with the button.yes it requires more maintenance,but it's worth it.they are just as bulletproof as the trusty xr if not more so.

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