Tz-F 426

I was at Laguna Seca last weekend and every time that thing went by (in a field of two strokes) someone would look confused and ask "what is that?"

I was at Mid-Ohio for Motorcycle Vintage Days this past weekend. We were walking towards the track to watch some racing when I heard the PA announcer giving the starting lineup. He announced two riders on Yamaha 426 singles. At first I couldn't think of any road-race Yamaha engine with a 426 displacement. Then I heard him say something about motocross bike on the track competing against the road racers. Sure enough, when I got to a point where I could see the track and bikes, there were two YZ426's cutting laps on the asphalt. There also appeared to be a CR450F in the field, apparently ahead of the Yamaha's, but maybe it was a lap down. I didn't know 426's were considered vintage already, but with the new 450's coming out it makes sense!


thanks for the link. That is exactly the kind of project I'm working on. Do a search for the post Can I fit a YZ400F in my 250 frame.

I plan to mate up a Yamaha motor to my wife's street bike.


I think this guy may live near me. I sent him an email. Oh boy am I getting excited.


426 in a 125 chassis is exciting, no?

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