WR450...steering head bearings..and shock linkage

has anybody had their steering head bearings out, and shock linkage apart to grease things up yet ? if so, were they very well greased from the factory ? thanx.

one other thing.....it says in the manual, the linkage has

"polylube" bearings, that dont need greasing. is this good stuff ? i'm new to the WR camp....and clueless. :)

I do not know about the poly lube bearings. I plan to lube mine regardless. Unless Yamaha changed how they lube stuff, which I doubt. I rode my 2000 YZ for a couple months before I greased it and ruined some of the bearings. It is worth the headache ten fold. The head bearings are very important. Have you messed with the jetting? Have you been ripping it up?----Mike

The polyLube stuff is the yellow String Cheese they use to hold the bearings in place... I would agree it doesn't need replacing, that is unless you actually ride your bike and get water and dirt near the sealls... once that stuff works it way in, then it will degrade the bearings... power washing is a no-no... but even a garden hose can force dirt past the seals...

To be safe and sure, then just do it and keep it up once or twice a year... disassembly to grease it all up gives you the chance to inspect the bearings and make sure they are still in good condition...


My steering stem was dry on the bottom bearing

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