When can we post photos again???

TT heads, One of the coolest features of the site was that we were able to post photos (the linkless ones). I thought this was a temporary deal. What's the dealio? :)

Your pal, Dan

Ditto, and bump, and all that. :)

I'm assuming this feature has been disabled due to bandwidth constraints/concerns. I was personally asked by Steve Clause (sp?) to scale the size of my avitar down from the original 86k size, which I did. I am under the impression that images are not cached locally on their server and are therefore downloaded each time a thread is called. Keep in mind, I am not familiar with the software they use here and these are assumptions made by me. :)

If you ask me, whatever it takes to keep their server running faster. If that means no photos, then links are fine with me.

Im still on 56k. :)

I'm with MOmilkman.

Well I say phooey on you guys. :)

I'm not network genius, but I don't think the image linking will affect their server's throughput.

how did he post the pics of the trailtech stand???

link to thread


<img src="http://home.elp.rr.com/teamhick/wassup.gif">

<img src="http://home.elp.rr.com/teamhick/rocking.gif">

You got me. :)

I can't even make my personal photo thingy work. :)


Of course it worked that time.


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