Jesse Kempkes at Boston Motorcycle Show

OK so aside from all of the chrome and leather fooforaw at this thing Jesse Kempkes will be doing a "Stunt Show".

For anybody new to the sport, for many years Jesse was the only serious threat to Geoff Aaron's dominance of the US nationals. Unfortunately Jesse made some bad choices that forced him to drop out of the national scene. Jesse owned up to his mistakes and paid his dues. I have a lot of respect for the man. Good guy, great rider.

It should be a good show.

Remember if you go to take every opportunity to tell people you came to see the trials demo.

darn... oddly enough i'm gonna be out there the next weekend unless plans with the girl fall though... again

OK I know this isn't thread related but in looking at the reply I noticed the advert in the middle of the page is "lose 25lbs of stomach fat in 3 weeks". The next advert down is for "". That just strikes me as very funny.

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