Canadian WR450 Dualsport Scheme

My new WR450 is on its way to California. The 8th position of the VIN number is a "W" and the Canadian paperwork does not say "off-road" on it. The California DMV should issue me a license plate once I get a dual sport kit on it. Anyone out there have any other advise before I seal this deal?

I'm getting the same bike - you shouldn't have problems plating it.

I just picked up my 450 last saturday and i already have a plate on it. It is nowhere near being DOT legal but now that it is regestered and i have a plate, all that i am going to run is a brakelight and a mirror.

What do you guys have for production numbers on your bike. Just curious, Thanks.

Mine is 1028


ETP, I wish it was that easy... You need to have a VIN verification certificate and some DMV's will ask for a completed EPA form. Some DMV's will let this slide, some won't. My dad just tried to do his WR426 yesterday and was declined because of no EPA Cert.

Bud, I've heard that the Saugus DMV is pretty easy going regarding dualsport conversions. You should try that DMV when your bike gets in.

good luck, Dan

Is your Dad's bike from Canada? If so, did the MSO paperwork have "offroad" printed on it? I heard thats the kiss of death too. Another thing, the Calif. DMV told me a Canadian bike does not have to be inspected for lighting because the inspectors are not qualified. They said no inspection was required. Know anything about that???

"all that i am going to run is a brakelight and a mirror"

might as well hook up your hi beam. it comes stock with a dual fillement bulb. it just isnt hooked up.

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