Installing new throttle cable question

How do I install the throotle cable to the throttle sleeve on a 99 yz400f? I took it apart a while back and now I can't figure out how to do it.:banana:


go to the YAMAHA`s aussie site and download a manual

I have a manual but I can't find where it shows me.

IIRC... the cables are made so that they will only go in the housing one way, the little wedges on the cables line up in it. the pull,open the throttle, cable goes on the back of the tube and the push, close the throttle, on the front.

I had to put two sets on mine.... crashes... there is a link to a manual in the sticky's at the top of this forum in case I am wrong..

The manual does not show you how to do it. Any other help would be great.

I lookd in the online manual and don't see it either.... in the engine section in chapter three, there is a listing for adjustment and lube that kinda shows it and in section five, handlebar, there is a diag of it.

sorry i don't remember, sold that bike a couple of years ago. I put 2 sets of cables on it, the first was frayed, the second i caught and broke in an over the bars episode..

They will only go on one way.... hope you get it done


Got er done a while ago. Few, it was pissing me off.


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