Where to buy

First time posting to this forum. Awesome amount of info. available on here.

Hoping someone can suggest where to buy the new WR450. I live in Orange County, CA, but would travel to LA and San Diego for the right deal.

Best dealers? Any help would be great!!

they wont be here untill sept i am bummed

If your lucky, they will be....Dealers all over the country are not getting the inventory they are requesting.....If your not already on a reservation list some where you might have to wait until the second wave around the first of the year.....

Bonzai :)

and it will be december not september. If you have a chance buy from canada. save alot of money plus less restricted bike.


I disagree with December, I think it will be late Sept or early Nov, My belief would be the Christmas sales. I think Yamaha will have plenty of bikes, parts and thngs prior to December simply for the Christmas sales.

Look at it from a consumer / Christmas Marketing stand point.

People will not dicker on price if they want it as a present?

Well Thats only my opinion

i did say december didn't i. that is before christmas

Thanks for the info. on the release dates.

But cannot anyone recommend a good dealer that will negotiate price?


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