YZ 400F front fork questions

My buddy rides a 99 YZ400F and needs to replace the bottom clamp and stem. Who might know which parts are interchangable from year to year or maybe from model to model?

Any help will be appreciated.:banana:

Go to the Thumpertalk OEM site. Get the part number for the steering stem. Go back to the OEM home page and enter the part number - you may get your answer this way.

That strategy won't work. The Yamaha catalog doesn't list the stem as separate from the clamp, and something as simple as altered number plate holes, or as important as reconfigured steering stops, will change the part number.

Check the listing for the head bearings. I'm pretty sure the stems are the same, and that the clamps will go on and hold the forks, but there may be little detail differences enough to be annoying.

each year until 06 (bolt in bar mounts) they moved the top bar mounts foward on the clamps.

03 was the first year of the vertical bolt for the number plate (if I remember right).

But if you get a top and bottom set you are fine. 00-05 will work fine. YOu may need a newer number plate if you get the newer year clamps. All the same offset. 06 has a wider axle and wider clamps.

Thanks for the response guys. Between this thread and the "WANTED" ad I placed I think it might be covered. I forwarded all of the info and available parts to my buddy.

Thanks Again

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