Take A look at this yz450f

I think there is supposed to be a comma between head and subframe, otherwise I don't know what a "head subframe" is. The head looks messed up right above the chain tensioner.

looks like ur right.. took a better look and the head looks pretty messed up..

"the main parts it needs are cylinder, head subframe, stator & cover, clutch cover, front brake disc, both radiators, exhaust & alot of other small parts"

Ummmm. So what is left thats still in working order?? "Alot of other small parts" sounds really dangerous. I agree with everyone else, run away and hope that no one buys that hunk of metal.

Yo I talked to him to find out why he thinks he could sell it for so much. He said he was feeling the waters, interesting. He said he could fix it with used parts for 1000 and sell it for 3500. " hey look at this bike" like it is something space age or something. I gave him a price anyway for 500 thinking he was off his tree, which obviously he is. He prob. stole the bike was running from the cops and ditched over a cliff to pick up for later. lol

even the carb. has the pipe from the tank broken

shes a honey alright, I am going with quality temp steves idea

Its Still For Sale!!! LOL
Go figure....:thumbsup:

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