Child Seats on Bikes

Is it ok to put a rear facing child seat facing foreward on my bike???


You are kiddin us right? I can't believe someone would put their baby on the back of their thumper.

Ohhh my gawd. Please tell me he is joshin.


That has got to be the worst thing I've ever seen! So bad that I'm laughing...because it CANT BE REAL!!!!

Nah, you have to have it rear facing... you wanna break the law or something? LOL

you obviously know that it's just not right to wear a proper safety helmet, but with that serious look on your face, you need some cool sunglasses, that's for sure...

Good luck, excuse me why I go and change my pants - I pissed them laughing so hard...

Man, I hope this is a joke........... :)


If I saw someone riding down the street with a baby attached to the rear fender (IN ANY FASHION!) I would have to pull over and slap him around for a while and then ask him where his mama lives so I could go slap her too!

Comon dude! If this is a serious question excercise a little common sense here.

Why bother with the baby seat at all, a Papoose or backpack style child carrier is far more practical and the kid automatically leans with the bike as you go round the berms.

There is a company in Quebec, Canada that sells a carbon-fibre baby seat for the back of sportbikes.No sh** ! I saw the ad in Cycle Canada magazine. If I can find more info, and maybe a website I'll post a link. BTW - if I remember correctly, it was forward facing, and tested in some manner for crash worthiness! Sounds crazy, but if you were going to see some nut on an R-1 slicing through traffic with a baby on the back, it would likely be in Montreal. :)

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I was just having a little fun with Photoshop to scare the Grandparents.

He is our first child and a little over a week old. I can't wait to take him riding.


WHEW! :D:)

That was a close one! You just never know what kind of insane things people might do.

Pretty good Photoshop, though... :)

Back in the 70s a customer of the shop I worked at built a turbocharged Suzuki 750 with a sidecar and an extended back seat. He could carry the wife in the sidecar and 2 kids behind him.

Well I guess I can stop building my fastmonstr doll :D:D:):D


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