WR 450

How do you pull the snorkel from the airbox with out ruining it ? I have had the bike a week - rode it about 4 times

50 pilot jet, 162 main jet, grey wire cut, throtle stop trimmed down . it runs good but still is hard to start - when it is Hot. I have to use the Hot start and give it a little trottle to start it. what should I do next ? where should the niddle be ? What about the (ACV) Air Cut Valve ?

i used 2 regular screw drivers to pry it out. becareful not to break anything. are you sure your using an 80 pilot jet ? seems kinda high to me.

Hi: Did mine yesterday and it was real easy with two people or one guy with three hands. I suggest the two people route. Stick two screw drivers one on either side of the metal tab with the rivets that hold one end of the battery strap down. Pry with the screw drivers just enough to clear the snorkle past the black rivets and use the third hand with pliers to just lift the snorkle out. If you are pulling on the snorkle, when you clear the rivets the snorkle just pops out real easy. Tim

wow !! and to think i pushed 2 screw drivers with one hand and pulled the snorkel out with pliers with the other one. it sure would have been easier with that third hand !! lol

I feel left out :)

I didn't get any snorkels...... Or a throttle stop. How weird is that, the Canadian WR's don't come with the snorkels?


Don't feel left out! None of us got that cool muffler that yours came with. =) :)

I hope that guy that took his wr swimming dosnot take his snorkel off. :)

I think his name was sirwrecksalot

why would you want to? I have a 99 WR400F and have pulled the snorkel, put an aftermarket pipe (white Bros), air filter, and although it sounds kind of cool, the performance is not that different. If you pull the snorkel, then you may have to worry about re-jetting, and putting on an aftermarket exhaust. If I were to do it again, I would leave it stock and try to create less noise (greens are getting their way). We dont need to give the greens more excuses to close our riding areas. I race District 37 races and I know with the exception of top end, my 400F is plenty fast in stock form. I can't imagine the 450 being too slow in stock form. Keep the following in mind: the less noise we make out on the trails, the more un-noticed we become.

My stock bike was pathetic. Uncorking it made it a different bike. I agree with the noise problem and am hopeing aftermarket pipes will help. Tim

Dan, your WR is Canadian, right?

Canadian WR is same as European model.

There are no snorkel,gray wire,throttle stop and spark arrestor.

Also carb setting,CDI maps and suspention setting are different from US model.

So Canadian model can't not register in US.


You do not know what you’re talking about. You can register your bike in the USA. You take your Canada title to the secretary of state, pay the sales tax and they give you a USA title. That’s all it takes, I should know as I have done it. :)

WR450 due any day.

Mods for bike

FMF Q silencer

Series 909 hand guards

Scott’s damper

Yamaha hour meter

Dunlop 773 tires w/hd tubes

TT Aluminum kick stand

Zipty fuel screw and Oil drain plug

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