Someone stole a 99 Red Honda Sport Trax 400ex from my house last night. There is a reward if found. PM me for my phone number. Thanks for your help. I live in Powdersville SC.

Sorry to hear you got ripped off. I will keep my eyes open. In all honesty, sorry to say... you probably will never see it again.

Did they break into your garage? If I read right, somewhere on here, someone posted your home insurance may not even cover this.

Good luck and again sorry to hear about your loss


A description and or VIN/serial numbers would be helpful. There are literally thousands of them out there.

tis the season i guess!

a friends CR80 was stolen Thursday nite right outta the garage.

called the hous insurance co. (USAA) they said

the won't cover it. It's considered a land conveyance vehicle :)

So since I have USAA homeowner I will be calling

to see what's up with that and try to get my bike covered.

that is why you get insurance on them. then you dont have to worry about homowners covering them.


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