One thing that sucks about having Auto-Decomp..

Last weekend I took my WR450 out for it's first ride. My buddy Dave and I were going down a really steep hill that became a cliff (yes I was paranoid to scratch the bike). I was forced to get off the bike and walk it down, my friends and I call this "Bull-dogging". What I normally do is put the bike in 1st gear because it has more compression than any other and just slide down the hill with my rear locked up and using my front brake to control the slide.... Now with the new bike it just wants to bump start (which is totally cool too). But It sure would be nice to have a bar mount rear brake lever, maybe I should take another look at the EFM or Revloc. What do you think??


You could always keep your left thumb on the kill button and still use the front brake. This is what i used to do on my old 2smokes so they wouldn't fire up during the "bulldog" maneuver.

Just ride it out, screw that bulldogging :):D :D

You'll never need to bump start it with the E-Button

Roost On!

I've stalled mine once or twice while standing on the rear brake setting up late for a turn and it sure is nice to give the clutch a pull and let it out and have the motor fire right back up(like a 2 smoke). Also Dan you can always move down here. Our hills around here, would be mere bumps in the trail to you...

yeah, I don't even know if I would call them "bumps" and I have lived here my whole life. :):D

I don't feel too sorry for you guys "whining" about things like, oh no, my brand new bike is just too perfect. It always wants to start itself back up to go riding. Geez. Next you'll be saying, it changes it's own oil and I hate it when it does that!

( :D just kidding, I am really jealous underneath the thin vail of humor.)


What about holding your thumb on the kill switch so it doesn't light off?

The wr450 has master off switch so this will not be a problem. What Dan means is that the bike is rolling the rear tire because of the autodeco even on 1st gear. I'm wondering, aren't you going to lose engine braking with revlock? How fast can you switch gears, i remember reading somewhere that you have to let go the throttle to switch gear and that seems to me a lot of time, if i'm not mistaken afcource...

Thanks Dan. That answers my question of whether or not the auto-decomp will allow a bike to be roll-started. I thought maybe it only engaged when being kicked, and would therefore "lock-up" the rear wheel against the engine compression. I have to bump my comp release on my '99 400 to roll-start it.

I had an XL 500 with auto-decomp, but the previous owner had installed a manual lever. Never could figure out why...

I was reading the manuel or assembly manuel and it said there was a kit to add manuel decomp to the 450's.I was wondering why anyone would want to.

I think with the efm or revloc you would have less compression braking since they are centrifical.It would freewheel down the hill right?

I have to bump my comp release on my '99 400 to roll-start it.

Chain, That's a great trick that I too have been using for years.. You'de be surprised how many guys don't know that trick.... As long as you use it for just a second you're cool....

Don't get me wrong guys, I can keep my bike from starting It's just that I want my rear tire to lock up when going down really steep stuff when the engine's off..

Dan :)

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