Need options for Oil tank on YZ426.


I have a YSR with a YZ426 in it. Its not running yet. I have a question about the oil tank. I need something more compact. I dont have an OEM oil tank. The motor pressurized the oil to pump through the oil tank right? I was thinking about running a big oil cooler instead. The vent on the OEM oil tank, is that needed? Graves Motorsports makes Oil/air separators for motard bikes. Does any one thinks this will work? Here is a link.

Any tech help would be great.



You need a tank, not a cooler, and the tank needs a pressure balance line running from the tank to the top of the engine, near the engine's breather hose. Oil is pumped from the tank to the oil system, then drains back to the crankcase, to be picked up and sent back to the tank. Because the return pump moves oil faster than the feed side, and because the scavenging of oil from the sump can be interrupted by sloshing and a number of other things, it tends to be erratic and inconsistent. A pressure balance between the tank and crankcase is absolutely necessary to ensure good flow down to the feed pump.

Hey thats a good idea! Didnt even know they exisited. Are they safe? Any one every use them?


With the wet sump kit, the oil capacity is cut to about half that of a normal 426, and you're still sharing oil with the trans. This means that very frequent oil changes are mandatory. With a dirt bike, that would mean every ride day at the least, and for an A or B level MX'er, maybe once during each day.

This will be for street riding only. Has anyone ever seen an aftermarket oil thank for a 426 or similar bike?


If you stay with the dry sump system, which I recommend, you can easily fabricate a small oil tank, or modify one from a quad to make it fit the available space. It should have a minimum capacity of about one quart, with room for about 1/2" air space above the max oil level. It will need an outlet fitting at the bottom for the feed oil, an entry fitting at the top for the return oil (which can either get to the top by going outside the tank or up through the bottom of it), and the aforementioned pressure balance to the engine. With a 426, you'll need a means of filling the tank directly, and some way of checking the oil level is a good idea (an external sight tube is simple, or you can just look in through the filler cap).

Hey thats a good idea! Didnt even know they exisited. Are they safe? Any one every use them?


It takes the oil level down to about 1 quart, so it is important to change it often. I knew a guy who ran one and had no problems.

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