RED glowing header pipe

Does the header on your WR/YZF glow cherry red in the dark, or is my stock jetted bike way too lean. I heard this was normal..... I wonder.

OH MY GOD ! Take it back to the dealer something must be wrong. :)

Perfectly normal for the header to get red when idling and not riding. The best way to remedy this is to hop on and ride. Its amazing what a strong breeze can do for these beasts. If you are running with the stock baffle in this could be your problem. With it in they do run lean.


Thanks, I was working on it in the garage last night, and WOW, it did take me by suprise. I raced an XR600 out in El Centro (District 38) and never saw this at night. Thin wall stainless steel !!!!

actualy the header is titanium not steel

If your not a newbie and all the 450's are cramping your posting style how could you start a thread on glowing pipes that were first featured on 98 400's not your rippin 426? :)

I sure hope the 450,s that responded to you dont slow your 426 down to much. Now that you have made your pipes glow for the first time it's obvious you will have to address the dreaded muffler bearing tear down as you will have fried them with glowing red pipes. :D

yeah I really hate the design of the muffler bearings. I really don't see the purpose in the first place, I mean it is a pipe for goodness sake. :)

like i said before get the titanium muffler bearings and you'll have no probs !! :)

Don't forget to replace the kanuter valve or she'll back-fire like crazy. :)

Hey Zoomy, I had the same problem with mine and I had to ask the same question here in tt. This is a great place to ask questions because there are so many people to give great answers!

By the way, I am not sure you knew it but don't let your bike idle for a very long time because the water inside the radiator will start to boil! I have been told not to let it idle more than a minute.

I've got a red glowing butt after yesterdays ride :), i couldn't resist :D

Mine used to glow in the daytime untill I installed the 48PJ. :)


Actually, the header pipe is stainless steal pre 2003. You have the WR450, which does have a titanium header.


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