Need advise on enclosed trailers

I would like to purchase an enclosed trailer to haul two or three bikes. Any advice is welcomed. I've looked at the mass produced 6x10 Pace and Haulmark and a custom built 7x10 Braco. The pace/haulmark appear light duty, but would seem to benefit from light weight when it comes to pulling one. Custom built Braco seem heavy duty but heavy. Is this a concern for a 99 Chevy 350ci V8 tow vehicle?

i recently bought a haulmark 6x12 low hauler and love it. the trailer pretty much sits in the air strean of the truck so headwinds don't seem to be a bother. i tow with a ford exploder sport with the good v6 and the truck works a little hard but its acceptable. the only mistake i made is i did not get the optional electric brakes and now i'm going to have to do a retrofit (it will make for a nice winter project). i have added some wire shelves in the front area (closet organizer from the local hardware store) and i am in the process of making up a folding bunk. i have no problem getting both the wr400 and the yzf600r in the trailer and we will soon be taking the the bikes and golf clubs back east to Cape Briton for a dirtbike/streetbike/golf triathlon.

willy fitz

I pull a 8x7x20ft Tandum Axle Race Trailer Fully outfitted W/Craftsman Stand Up Tool Chest/Cabinetsand a 5000 watt tounge mounted generator, 2 Bikes WR/YZ and can fit three more. Trailer weighs 3800 lbs fully loaded and I pull it with my Ford Van equiped with a 351 engine w/no problems.



Bonzai :)

Yamakaze! That is one sweeeeeeeeeeeet set up! I've got to go wipe the drool :)

Nice trailer Yamakaze. I have a 7x12 enclosed trailer that fits 5 bikes. Totally full it weighs about 3500lbs. I can pull it with a Chevy Astro van with a v6.

I guess this is a good place to ask the question... YAMAKAZE... do you have a list of everything you take to the races or keep in the trailer? I'm getting ready for next season (SE&TRA) and I'm trying to be as organized as possible. I don't have my trailer, yet, but I will... soon.

Originally posted by willy fitz:

[QBwr400 and the yzf600r willy fitz[/QB]

yz-f 600r, streetbike?

I hope...

i have a 24' enclosed haulmark car hauler that i got to haul my bikes and gear and to sleep in. the best advice i can give is what my friends who had trailers all voiced "go big it fills up fast" 5 of the 7 people i know with trailers have gone bigger, the other 2 wish they could. my best friend is on his 4th trailer he goes 2' longer every time he is at 20' now and says he is done. i have installed cabinets and a work bench in all 4 of his trailers and am in the process of building mine. i also plan to install a shower/toilet, small kitchen area (microwave and small fridge)and fold down beds. i tow with a ford super duty diesel but a 350 chevy would haul it fine also (i'll smoke your a$$ on hills though). if you have an auto i would make sure it has a tranny cooler if you regularly haul above 3000 lbs or tow in the mountains. the beauty of an enclosed trailer is when you get home hot tired and sore you unhook and leave it. then clean up as you get a chance, no more clutter in the house or garage, no more loading and unloading the truck. i also find i dont forget stuff because its always in the trailer.

the yzf600r is my semi rice rocket for the street. took me to the northern tip of newfoundland to look at icebergs and whales last month and played road racer at Mosport last week. you can check out some pictures on my webpage

Must have been a great trip Willy, only way to get the real freedom of those roads and the scenery would be on a bike... Excellent... I'm dead jealous...


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