MOVE the WR450 discussion to the 450 posts

Ok you new 450 guys, move on to the virgin WR450 forum, you are gumming up the works, let us old WR426 pilots keep perfecting our machines without hearing about the pros and cons of the 450. Beat it and don't look back... or you might be overtaken by a faster WR426, like mine.

I hate to break it to you, but this is the 450 forum and the 426 and the 400...

Since when do newbies get to speak out loud? :)


see what happens when you burn that stuff :)

Arghhhhh you are right! Oh well, I will have to suffer through it. Newbie??? Maybe to the forum, but not to bikes, heh, heh, heh....

Hey! How do you think I feel? I have had to put up with the 426 and the 450 tech talk while Im still back in the 400's.

Oh well, they are all the same bike. :)

(lets see if I get slammed for that one!) :D


Careful with your words. Somebody gets hot under the collar, they might ride up behind you when you are doing those extreme tricks, and kick you in the udder.


(Also doing it with 399 cc's)

hey is that cow riding a KTM?

Beat it and don't look back... or you might be overtaken by a faster WR426, like mine.

That's funny!!!!!

No problem is this post in the 450 forum good. :DFrom now on i promise to only post in the 450 forum. :)

WR forum ???????? :D golly gosh....i thought this was the XR forum. :)

hey is that cow riding a KTM?

yes sir. You are correct.

I cant talk them into blue. :)

Got any ideas on how I could sway them? :D

Looks like a Honda to me.

I hear that Jerseys prefer Yamahas. Holsteins are way too mainstream to ride a KTM.


No, its a KTM.

Bessie says the ergo's of a KTM fit her utter better.

Plus she think it stands for "Kant Touch Milk"

I think Bessie is our "Eat Mo Chik'n" cow in Texas.

I heard recently she was taking flying lessons.

I'm glad to see she's doing so well.

I should call her agent and find out who her flight instructor is, 'cause I can't get half the air she's getting.

It takes a person with big Utters to ride like that !! :)

all you slow guys please mooooooove over.

hey do you have any of those chocolate cows in texas. :)

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