XR650R vs 625SXC

Take a look at:


We finally have some real competition, and it has a button-and its streetable.

Very similar weight, power, price.

Red sunset, Orange sunrise?

They have the 450, 525, 625, and 950- in MX, Off Road and Dual Sport models... All new in the last 6 months!

Honda gave us the BRP 4 years ago, the 450 CRF 2 years ago, and now the CRF 150, 230. AL- pictures of a future 250 arent cutting it! Larry, you gonna take that thing to Baja in November?

I saw one in person in Reno at the dealership, very impressive looking machine. I think it had a CV carb, not the claimed FCR41 in the ad. I'm not sure how powerful the LC4 engine is vs. the RFS engines in the 450/525. How about a 950SXC twin?

Keep The Manual = KTM

Actually I like the bikes though what I have heard is the 625 is a real paint shaker.

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