YZ426 tank options

I have a 2001 Yz426 with a leaking fuel tank....What are my options? I have tried to seal it by welding the crack with plastic but it is not working all that well...

So I have a few questions:

-will an 06 450 fuel tank fit?

-what are my other options?

I bought a clarke for my 01 and it is a great tank. 2x thicker than stocker, and bolted right up. $200 from motosport.com

I found an 06 450 tank online for 50 bucks...will it fit?

The '06 YZ or WR450 had no external oil tank. It's integrated into the crankcases.

I am not asking about the oil tank....I am asking about the fuel tank..

Sorry, wrong thread. But the answer is still no.

Do a search for a 450 conversion. The 450 tank will fit (with some added brackets you have to fab) but you have to get other parts to go along with it like a 450 seat, subframe, etc. Search there are threads showing step by step how to do it and what you need. It looks good but for my money I would just buy another 426 tank rather than spending more money doing the conversion.

ahh..ok thanks, that answers it.

I was looking to fix just the tank so anything else is not neccessary for this $500 bike.

Do a search for a 450 conversion. The 450 tank will fit
The '03-'05 can be made to fit. The '06+ can't unless you cut the center out of the tank, or the backbone out of the frame.

Oops I didn't notice that he said an 06.

u can also get the corressponind 250f tanks...i had to do the same with mine...its a design flaw with those early models for how it puts stress in that area of the tank

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