Adige slipper clutch

Has anyone seen the article in DR about the long term kx450 with the Adige slipper clutch. It sounds like it slips on braking and acceleration. Is this different than hinson or any other slipper clutch?

Has anyone tried this piece out?

Are you sure it slips on accel? My Surflex slips on accel but it is worn out, normal slipper only slips on decel, I don't know why they would want it to slip under power, I'll have to read that article, sounds interesting. Mike

Maybe he meant that it was a slipper with auto-engagement features like a Rekluse.

in DR it said it only had 3 or 4 springs so you could just dump the clutch with no worrys and I think it makes the clutch pull alot easier

my mistake, its in the Feb issue on page 110.

Adige Power Torque Clutch, In their words, its magical, wheee.

Its a slipper, but it works in both directions, accel and decel. also reduces compression braking

Sounds like a rekluse a little

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