Pics of your WR`s/YZ`s

Come on boys and girls show me some pics of your bikes and help me to decide what ride I should buy.

So far its between a KLX400, DRZ400 or a WR450/250. There are plenty of pics on the Suzook board so lets have some Yam pics too!


All you have do do is look around, there everywhere...

Bonzai :)

here you go yamahalogos.JPG

Very nice Freestyle!! Have you got enough stickers on there?

Come on everyone lets see em.

i only used about half the stickers that came with the graphics set.fenders and airbox are just a single sticker made to look like lots of little stickers.

to many jpg's @ the end of your link Mr.toyz .... I saw the bike ..Looks great !!

Forget it you on your own

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check out this site click on message board, t/c results and view the ktmaha wrf!!!


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With dirt wheels...


With Supermoto wheels...


Here is my YZ


And the sold but not forgotten Katoom


Ego, you never fail to have positive things to say...

I cant figure out whats wrong...I have my pick in MSN photos. I took off the extra change. I know it works if you cut and paste the url. Any advise? Hey it.

Mr Toyz

Hey Dan, that was pretty funny. :)

I'd post mine but there is nothing to see but scratches.


My baby!


Mr Toyz

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Great post mr toys

Hey The Blue One NICE!! They are all nice!!

Has anyone got the One Industries graphics kit, you know the yellow and black one (like fast Freddie Spencers colours)?


Keep em coming!!!

Here is a pic of mine... you can almost see some blue in there :)


And here are a couple more images that are a little too big to post here...

In the woods

On the mountains (HI-RES)


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