Pics of your WR`s/YZ`s

Nice one!!

Thanks everyone, its good to get an idea of what can be done to them before you actually purchase one.

Looks like the Yam has gone to the front of my potential to buy list.

Nice Lookin bike's guys ... I'm am very jealous.. Guess my stock bike needs a lil upgrading!


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Bonzai :)

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Why would how our bikes look, help you decide what bike to buy?????? If your going to use that logic, check out a dirt bike rag.....

Hey, sayntmatt, I've got the yellow and black body kit (Bob "Hurricane" Hannah, not Freddie Spencer... for the dirt bikes at least) I'll try to get a few pics up. I'm liking the orange yamaha, though... throw a few tiger paws and an Esso Club sticker on it and I'll always feel at home on the bike. :)

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