'03 450F Tank and Seat on an '02 426F

Just wondering if anyone has tried to put an 03 450 tank on an 02 426. I don't ride really long enduros or anything like that, so i would gladly give up the .6 gal of fuel for the smaller tanks look and feel (I haven't riden an 03 just sat and drooled on it at the dealership.) I tired to find an aftermarket one, but no luck so far. Probably still too new. Thanks for any info.

tetsfu, It won't fit without some serious modifications, you would need the 450 sub frame, air box, and fender to do it. You would also need to weld a new tank mount on.

Get a YZF tank and seat if you want to slim it down. Your shrouds will fit the YZF tank.

I just put the Clarke 3.3 tank and YZ seat on mine, haven't rode it yet, it sure feels better. I'll find out Sunday since I am entered in a 6 hour Harescramble!

We got 20 degree temp., 2" of snow, and ice up here. What are your conditions?

Yeah, I appreciate your help and thanks for the advice. I knew about the YZ tank, it seems like just about everyone has talked about that mod here on TT. Let me know how yours works out, I am interested to know.

The real reason I posted this was because I just wanted to know if somehow Yamaha may have just remolded the tank and kept the mount points the same and such. I just love the look of that '03 tank and seat. I would just buy a stock one from the dealer if it fit correctly.

As far as our conditions go, it has been absolutely great riding around here for about a 2 months. I think I have only gotten rained out one weekend.

I rode with a buddy yesterday after church, got there about 1. It was a little overcast, it has rained a bit during the week, but that made it even better. (It has been so dry here, it is getting really dusty, and sand was like sugar, so the rain helped a lot.) Temp was in the high 50s low 60s, GREAT riding weather in my book. Take care.

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