WR 450 vibes?

I've been giving the new 450 some serious consideration and have been following some of the early (favourable) riding impressions I've read with interest.

Imagine my surprise to open the latest thick n' glossy issue of my local bike rag here in Canada (Inside Motorcycles)and see it seriously dumped on by the panel in their big "enduro bike shootout". Big vibration, poor running (wouldn't start at first even with button) and a hard hitting motor put it well down the rankings. Of course, the KTM's could do no wrong!

I'm aware of the jetting issues as far as clean running goes, but big vibes? hard hitting motor? News to me. Knowing the source, part of me suspects that if the shoes were on the other feet, the KTM 450 would be described as a real "ripper" and the Yamaha would be called a bit "soft"!

I can deal with power..but vibes? Can anyone comment here?

They are full of poo poo. If it were not for the great sounding exhaust note you would almost wonder if it were an electric motor it is so smooth. Just got mine uncorked and jetted and I am seriously stoked on the power delivery and handling. Starting is instantaneous with the electric leg, and a whole lot easier to kick than I figured it would be, hot or cold. I think this may be the bike I've been looking for for the last 20 years. Tim

Hunt,highly subjective on my part........I could not disagree more.

Yamaha 4 strokes are known for their smoothness and lack of vibration. When I think vibration I think 2 stroke or aluminum frame. Maybe their bike had a problem.

I have three rides on mine and could not be more pleased with the power. Much more torque than my old 400 and much smoother hit. My .02 cents. :)

Be very leary of mag, reviews. They tend to be biased. My WR 450 vibrates less than a 525 EXC. I can not say about the 450 EXC as I have not rode one. Yes it has a lot of power. I am very excited about the new bike, it seems so light and perfect. I planned on an EXC until I sat on this bike. Just wait until you see one. ----Mike

When I imagine riding my bike, I doesn't vibrate much. It starts right up with the button or the kick - always the first time. :)

Someday when my bike finally gets here I'll see if my dreams are true :D

I have always been bike loyal, meaning I tried to get what I thought was the best bike for me out there. I had a WR 426 for two seasons. When I heard of all the changes to the 03 450 I felt it would be a better bike for me if it lived up to the literature. I liked my 426, but the seat could have transitioned better. I loved the torque and accelleration,. I liked the suspension, and the tight wood handling was good. I considered other bikes and the only bike I felt might buy was KTM. But the cost, and my good experiences on the 426 made me go with the WR450.

That was the was the right decision. It has great torque, linear accelleration, e start, good suspension, turns great, and less vibration than my 426. Maybe they got their colors mixed up.

My bike doesn't vibrate or have a noisy,grabby clutch. I asked my Yamaha mechanic about the "woodruff key" and he told me to spend more time riding my new bike and not on the internet listening to rumors. My bike is better that I could've ever imagined. The suspension is super sweet and the bike has gobbs of smooth power everywhere... The bike starts really easy when you kick it and when you push the button it lights up just as easy.. The lights are off of it and I feel that I have the ultimate off road bike to win desert races. I wish you guys could get your bikes because more of you would be saying this...


"spend more time riding my new bike and not on the internet listening to rumors"

point and f---ing case. i tell that to ppl all the time about lots of models.

i work at a yami/honda/kawi dealer. but ride suzuki. if i had the $$$$ i would be getting the next wr450 crate that came. IMHO the 2 best bikes we sell are, wr450 and R1. both are yami. :):D

I think We'll be reading magazine tests that say otherwise.

Yamaha set another high mark for the honda to aim for with a possible CRF 450X.


I'll agree with you.I love this bike and have had no problems.I did the flywhell retorque and change the jetting.Otherwise nothing else.THIS BIKE ROCKS!!

I also read the Inside Motorcycle test and you must remember that the bike they tested was a very rough prototype, not a full production model. I find that rag to be very KTM biased and their test riders are 50 yr old trail riders and women. Heck, they rated the DRZ400 ahead of the WR450! Give me a break!! I think the WR should be a great ride.

Thanks for all the good comments. Suspicions somewhat confirmed! I'm really looking forward to trying one in the spring.

Regards, Doug

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