O2 (oxygen) sensor for jetting?

Any mechanics can help out with this thread? txthumper are you reading?

Here is some info:

web page

Instead of an O2 sensor, how about a EGT sensor such as this one? Don't know much about this subject but am very interested in giving it a try.

EGT sensor

tuning motorcycles with AF monitors is a complete waste of time. The cams in bikes are much bigger then the cams in cars that the 02 sensors were desined for. The big cams allow unburned air - O2 rich - to go right outa the intake valves and out the exhaust valves. When both valves are opened its called exhaust overlap, and bikes have much more then cars to increase the high end power. Even in a perfect burn, the air from the cam overlap would cause the sensor to detect some oxygen.

Hope this helps alittle.

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