bottom end?

When is a good time to replace the bearings in the bottom end? I've prob got around 250 hrs and going to replace the top end this winter. Also going to port and polish :banana: . Should I??? Or not even worry about it???

Most will tell you not to worry about it. But, I replaced our crank assemblies and main bearings last winter for "good preventative maintenance".

My '03 had roughly 400 hours on everything, including the crank. I know of any number of 426's that are older than that. But, they break every now and then, and when that happens, it ain't pretty.

So you have a choice; replace the bearings, and/or the crank preemptively, always wondering how much more time you could have got from it, or keep your money and take your chances. Your chances are good, mind you, but the problem is, you just never know.

It depends on how you've used it, and taken care of it.

but the problem is, you just never know.

Very true and exactly why I replaced the bottom ends in the bikes last winter.

Sometimes we travel 5 or so hours to ride, and when we get there we ride far enough away from the truck that we use over-sized gas tanks. I started thinking about being 5 hours from home, 50 miles from the truck, and having the crank lock up. It was an easy decision for me. :banana:

Thank you very much all. I am 99.9% moto guy always close to the vehicle. I take extreme care of my equipment...probably a little overboard. I'm back and forth with it. I guess when I get everything tore down I will make the decision then. We shall see....Thanks all for the advice :banana:

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