parts for hebo juice clutch

i appear to be in need of a new set of seals for the slave cylinder on my hebo clutch. does anyone know how to get these parts or what size these seals are. i believe i read somewhere they are just o-rings. if this is true i could probably get them at work. given how long it took for me to bleed the air out last time (complete removal from bike and about 2 hours of lettiing the air work its way to the top and bleeding) I do not want to take everything apart until I haave the parts in my hand.

Willy Fitz

Goodluck finding the seals. I tried this winter and everyone told me they were not available. You can try two sources for a new slave. Jim at or Kevin at

let me know if you find the seals yourself.


Calgary, AB

I got in touch with Kevin at erider and he told me that the seals are simply regular o-rings and that they could be found at the hardware store... I had a leak so that`s why I got in touch with Kevin but since then it looks like my leak mysteriously disapeared !!! :)

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