WR light on an 08 YZ 450

I was hoping someone else has attempted to put the, 07 and up, WR headlight on a YZ. I purchased one on ebay and when I tried putting it on the CDI box located behind the number plate on the frame is in the way.

Anybody try this yet? Is there a way to relocate the CDI box?

Thanks in advance.

check out the eline stator. I dont think the stock stator will power a headlight.

I apologize I guess I wasn't clear. I am not even to the stage of hooking the light to a power source. I was trying to get something set up for an ISDE qualifier and the first step was getting the WR headlight to bolt up. Problem is the CDI box is in the way. I was inquiring if anyone had worked around this.

I used the search function and found the thread you posted but there was no mention any where I could find about the issue I have run into.

Again thanks...

Regardless of whether the light fits, you'll need to power it with something, and you should have an idea how that's going to work out before you spend too much time on the lamp. Relocating the CDI shouldn't be a problem. Move it under the tank. I believe that's where the WR puts it.

My street legal yz450 runs on a total loss system. I used an alarm sealed battery from Inerstate Batteries. Its a 12 volt 7 amp hour battery. I can run my headlight and tail light for 1 hour before its dead. When Im on the street I shut my headlight off so just the tail light and my Vapor speedo is drawing power. This gives me approx 2.5 hours of juice.

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