Am I hitting the REV limiter at 10,000 RPMs?

My WR400 appears to top out at 90 mph. It seems to have plenty of power but cuts out at 90 mph. I am running 27" Dunlops with 15/50 gears (front to rear teeth). In 5th gear (.84 ratio) this translates to 10,000 engine RPMs to turn the rear wheel 3520 times per minute, the speed necessary for 90 MPH. Is my bike cutting out at 90 MPH, (10,000 RPMs) because of a REV limiter?

Where did you get 27 inch dunlops ????

You will know when you hit the rev limiter when you do back off the throttle just a hair and that would be your top speed... By the way the YZ rev limiter doesn't kick in until 12,500RPM's just a thought, if you were to switch black boxes with a YZ you might get her to rev some more giving you more top speed...

rev it till it scatters,huge

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