WR400 vs. 426 vs. 450

yeah i am interested in the difference between the wr models. on one hand a little bit more power and a small decrease in weight, plus an Estart(for the 450) would be sweet, but the wr400s and wr426 are very cheap used in comparison.

big thing though, since in BC they do insurance by cc class, insuring a 400 would be like 400-500 a year, but a 426 or 450 would be double. 900-1000 a year. question for me is, is that worth it?

first of all, i have never ridden a 426 or 450, but can happily say i love my 400. reliable as anything. And wow insurance!!! I pay $100 a year!!!

yup, the joys of living in BC

There are many people on here that probably had all 3 models. The newer models have improved each model year I am sure. I have a 400 and have to say this bike will run with the newer models. The 400 IMO has less low end and a big hit. It is not a happy lugging around as much as the newer models. However, I find the low end pretty good with no stalling down low. I also have an XR400 so I know low end torque. Yamaha improved the low end and mellowed the power band a bit on the newer bikes from what I have read hear. My friend has a Honda 450X and it has a bit less low end but hits like the Honda. Yeah these WR400's are cheap. If you do not mind kicking the beast they are great bikes and a definite bargain performance machines. These 400's are the XR's of modern bikes. I do not think you could go wrong with any of them. They are very sound/reliable bikes across the models. To have e-start or not to have e-start...that is the question

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