YZ Throttle Stop # 5JG-14591-00?

So I went to the dealer to order the YZ throttle stop for my WR450, part #5JG-14591-00, and the computer said it was a "spring adjustment screw" or something like that. Is this the correct part? I didn't want to order it because they said I wouldn't be able to return it if it were not the right part. Just want to be sure... Thanks.

I don't know - this is the same problem I had. I think it's the right thing ('02 YZ throttle stop), but I'm not sure.

I ordered it anyway - they said if it doesn't fit I can return it but have to pay a 20% re-stocking fee ($2.00).

My bike and the part should come in on Tues. or Wed. I'll let you know then, but maybe someone here can confirm this.

If it doesn't fit I'll just dremel the stock one down.


This is the correct part. I ordered it and the dealer told me this was what I wanted. Yamaha just called it somthing different.


WR450F due any day

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I gave the same number to my dealer and it is an adjustment spring. The throttle stop is a different number. Sorry

thats the number i used and i got the yz throttle stop. :)

i gave my dealer that number and he called yamaha and they said that's the right number but i think he said they called it sopmething else !

just cut it down to 23mm...

Same happened to me, but we looked at a sheet on another book and it was correct. The Yamaha comp is incorrect. All dealers are having trouble with their new computers also.


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