Will it start??

Being in the Navy, I was deployed at sea for the last half of 2002. I stored my WR400 (98) on a stand (wheels off the ground) in my garage. I put Marvel's Mystery oil in the cylinder, made sure the gas contained StaBil (even ran the bike a bit to ensure the enriched fuel made its way to the carb), and packed the airbox with plastic bags over the air filter...so, after returning from a combat deployment, I had intentions on replacing the worn out chain, sprockets, and front tire. I greased up the swingarm real good while I had it off, and replaced the rear wheel bearings as well. Finally finished today, and now the moment of truth.......

Will it start??? I asked my wife what she was wagering for number of kicks before it starts. (the average had always been two, hot or cold). I didn't drain the gas or anything, and low and behold it started on the second kick!!!!! Unreal....I seriously expected SOMETHING to not work right. It smoked really bad until all the oil got burned out of the cylinder, but after that, it screamed.

Gotta love Ole Blue!!!! :)

I realize you don't know me but I'd like to say that I'm glad to hear that you made it back OK. The older I get, the more I realize that our country is worth serving for. I know it sounds crazy considering all the men and women enlisted but it is the times that we don't say anything, we end up reading about what went wrong.

So which is more of a kick in the pants, flying or riding? :)

I hope to be a new Yamaha owner soon, can't wait, hope I get the reliability that you have had. Ride on!

I think I would poop my pants if I had to land on a carrier.

butta....thank you for what you do. i have nephew in the army's spec. forces, and i am very proud of him.

I reckon after flying some of those high-tech jets, coming back to dirtbikes would be an anti-climax... possibly an R1 may do it for you...


Butta, congrats on your safe return home to your lovely bride and "old blue". Now lets go ridin!

S3B Viking. Is it a Snorkling kayak or samoan war canoe with a 12 oar rate? Fried Chicken Box lunches. Memorizing the NATOPS manual. Lightning strikes. Engine Flameout on takeoff. 16 hour flights. SAR School (where's the XO? He's still in the water!). LPNV. MAP Flights. Hearing Protection. The honey bucket. Two Engine Loiter. On Station. Faraway Places. Getting My Wings. Cold Beers in Hot Climates. Ready Crew. Charlie One Crew. 20 year old planes. Hard Work. Fun Times. Quality People. Good Friends. Pride in your work. USNR. Scott.

Thanks for all the welcome home's and the thoughts! It's a long 6 months away from the family (wife and now three kids), but I love this country we are a part of.

Yeah, flying around the boat is pretty awsome. During the day it can be one of the most fun things I've ever done. At night, well, let's just say it never gets easy. Many times I would have traded a flight for a ride on my bike, though. I've been drawn to motorcycles since I was 4 years old, and I'll never grow out of it.

Currently looking at an FZ-1 for the street.....yes, I'm an adrenalin junkie. :)

By the way, the "pooping in your pants", well, that's part of the checklist.....


Can we post pictures here still? I've got a couple that are pretty cool.

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