blue 450 for baja 1k or red?

so how many only use one bike? !

You will be just fine with one bike especially if you start off with a fresh/new bike. all you really need is a second set of wheels...this will make swapping a flat out easy and less of a pain.

a yz front end (stock) vs a sprung/valved front end will both be better then a stock front end:ride:

exactly, almost anything is better than the stock wr forks.

so I got the chance to ride a 05WR450f today and was able to compare it to my 03wr250f. right away I noticed that it was a bit more to handle than the 250, it felt heavier. the 450 had a few other things I didn't care for. it had on a stock yz handlebar which felt very uncomfortable, I like more of a straight style (easy to change). It also had a bit of a stumble (jetting?) just before the 2stroke-ish power hit (fixable?) which made trying to hang on a bit of an effort. It did have nicer suspension than my 250 though and a complete seat vs mine where I cut all the seat foam down (I'm short, 5'3"). the 450 seat is still hard as mine though, go figure.

anyway, the bottom line is, while the 450 might have more legs for the faster sections, my 250 is much smoother, lighter, and easier to handle, all of which will better aide me in going 1000 plus miles as I ironman the b1k. I can put in a 290 kit, rework my suspension, and keep training. If I happen to come across another bike, great. If not, the 250 I feel will get me across the finish line. ...... and the ping pong ball bounces to the other side of the table again ...

Big S

I just checked the specs on the 09 450 vs 250 and the wet weight difference was 11 pounds...if you ask me, the extra power is well worth it in a race of this mag.

have you watched dust to glory? do you know what silt is or deep sand whoops and long beach sections? you will want the power....

so dont judge the bike based on its i said earlier, you will need to get a bike...and then spend what ever money necessary to set it up so YOU are comfortable. :)

yeah, I'll have to check out that dust to glory movie/dvd and whatever else I can get my hands on.

I've also chatted with a few others that rode 250s in the b1k and they said they'd go with a 450 next time, but mostly these guys were over 200 lbs, whereas I'm 165. and I do a fair amount of sand riding, ok more than my fair share of sand riding considering I live at the beach and have 30 miles of beach to shred on , and my 250 just love it out there!

I have the concho enduro coming up in a few weeks so I'll see if I can try out a few more 450s to do a comparison, I might even try out different colors while i'm at it. wr450 s are a bit of a rare beast to find ...

ok, back to doing some maintenance before I go hit the local mx track. I don't usually do this kind of riding but it's good training, if I can get past the boredom of going around in circles over and over again. It'll drive the mx weenies crazy though, they only go a few laps and need a rest ....


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