canadian VS US wr450. what is the difrance






thx for any info

As far as I know it's just the pipe.

Dan Lorenze would know.

The Bikes from Canada do not come with the snorkel and they are jetted richer. The manual says USA main is a 150 and the Canada is a 160. Pilot for USA is a 45 and Canada is a 48. Also the exhaust is not a forest approved spark arrestor. :)

"Also the exhaust is not a forest approved spark arrestor"

the canadian or the US one?

is the us pipe like the yz?

The Pipe on the Canada bike is not spark arrested. It serves only to keep it quiet. It looks the same as the USA Wr pipe. Only the internals are different.


WR450 due any day.

Mods for bike

FMF Q silencer

Series 909 hand guards

Scott’s damper

Yamaha hour meter

Dunlop 773 tires w/hd tubes

TT Aluminum kick stand

Zipty fuel screw and Oil drain plug


is it true that the canadian WR had no grey wire to cut/disable.?


I don't think any Canuck WR's come with the grey wire. US only.

Can they be registered here in the US? California?

"Can they be registered here in the US? California?"

yes very easly. but how long till they fig that one out????. and also canadian dealers ARNT supposed to sell bikes in the crate accross the border or in a crate at all. so it will be built if you get one form here.

if you want one i will get you a deal and ride it down there for you. :) ;)hehehehe. see if i can do 1/2 the trip on the rr wheel.

My buddy just bought a WR in Windsor Can last weekend. The pipe doesn't have the removable end cap like the US one. It isn't stamped US forestry approved, but it is quiet. It is jetted richer than US model. The bike cost $7800 cdn, with a 1.50 exchange rate, that is $5200 US, plus tax. There is no duty at the border. Getting the bike street legal should not be a problem in Michigan. There is a 'W' in the 8th digit, if that means something to you.

Hey Talon - Did your bud have to pay that 14% tax on his bike? What took place at the border coming back into Mi? Do you know if the same stuff applys to used bikes? Could you get a # for the shop he bought from or maybe a web sight?

I too am from Mi and am thinging very seriously of crossing the border.....



"Did your bud have to pay that 14% tax on his bike"

i dont think you have to. US ppl buy things in canada ar exemp from at least 7% of the 14.5% tax. if not all of it.

My friend did pay the GST and PST taxes in Canada, adds up to 15% I think. Total was $8970 cdn. He has to fill out the forms and mail them in to Cdn customs to get the tax back. He tried to get it back at the border, but was told they only pay up to $500 cdn back in cash, any more than that you have to mail it in. I believe he will get back the $1170 cdn in 4 to 6 weeks.

The dealer he purchased from was Sports Afield in Tecumseh. FYI, my friend went into our local dealer in Michigan yesterday, they just got a WR450 in, my friend told them about already buying one in Canada, they said the dealers in Canada are NOT supposed to sell to people in the US.

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