Pics of the new WR450F.......YeeeHaaa.....

Yeah, I know. You all know what a stock WRF looks like,

but its different for me.....Its MY bike......:lol:

Ordered GYTR AIS removal kit. Otherwise I will ride it stock

for now.:banana:




The Garage is starting to get FULL....


Brings back memories of when I brought my WR home, good times... You'll soon forget about the other three bikes you got there.

Nice truck

Welcome to the club!

Nice truck

Welcome to the club!

Yes welcome, Even though Im new to this club myself......I hope you enjoy it, Now we need the snow and ice to melt here in OK so we can enjoy our new bikes!!!!! :banana:

Nice bike. I like your tie down J/K :banana:

It would look a LOT better in MY garage.

Nice bike. I like your tie down J/K :lol:

:lol: Yeah, I figured with only 3 miles to drive, the bike would be

fine with one tie down. If the bike had of fallen out though, I would

have been in the middle of the road giving CPR....:banana:

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