Cheap hour meter solution

If anyone is looking for a cheap solution for an hour meter try a Briggs and Stratton from a lawn mower or brush cutter outlet.

I know the brand isn't the most exciting - it's a lawn mower brand afterall - but I got one for half the price of the Motominder and Yamaha hour meters I've had in the past.

Here in Aus, I remember paying about $100 for an hour meter from Motominder and Yamaha. Got my Briggs and Stratton - which looks identical, just a different colour - for $40.

It's so far proven reliable, shockproof and water proof. I've got it mounted near the steering head, on the frame of my 08 WR.

They are great!


Made a post about these a year ago as well, $25 where I live compared to 50-80 elsewhere for the same thing. Also made a bracket added to my top clamp - easily readable anytime.

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