White Brothers Torx Valve Part Number

For only $ 35 dollars I've decided to buy a White Brothers torx valve for my 2000 WR. Apparently this valve is simple to install and will taper the headpipe increasing engine backpressure. This should provide more bottom end power.

(Or at least so I'm told) I guess that I see once I get the part and install it.

The White Brothers Torx Valve Part Number is

# 10-003


White Bros requires a $50 minimum purchase which you will not come close to even with shipping. They will however help you with the short fall by throwing in stickers and a very nice T-shirt if you push a little....

I'm happy I bought one...does seem to help the lower end a bit. Now if I could get some real info on the Power Now mod I may add that to the line up as well. Lots of mystery and emotion surround this part...anyone have any facts yet??

my dealer has 1 left on shelf i saw it today $32.you can call them see if they will ship.Redwood city yamaha [650]298-9700

Freestyle 111,


scott,if they dont ship pm me.you can pay over phone and i will go pick it up and ship it to you.i just ordered a couple parts from them and should be going back down there to pick them up at end of week.ive had torx in my bike for almost 8 months and it is definetly worth the $.dollar for dollar there isnt an mod that can come close to torx valve.


I bought my Tork valve from Chapperall for $30. It's in there catalog. Put it in but haven't been able to ride it yet.

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