screaming starter motor

ive been through quite a bit of deep water on my last few rides don,t know if its something to do with that or just bad timing when starting the bike with the starter just after the bike fires up the starter started to make a screeching noise.

is this coman or it on it way out?

are they repairable how easy are they to get off the bike (2005 450) any ideas or tips?

cheers guys

Disassemble, clean and lube the bearings with moly paste. Make sure the rubber seals are intact between the beel ends and the yoke casing.

ya it is screaming lub me!!!!!!

Disassemble, clean and lube the bearings with moly paste. Make sure the rubber seals are intact between the beel ends and the yoke casing.

William - Is there a difference between moly paste and black moly...disulphide grease? If so, where do you purchase the stuff? Also, do you recommend cleaning/lubing the starter as preventive maintenance procedure even though my starter is working just fine now?

No, same thing. I said 'paste' because some will use a thin moly oil. You need it to stay put.

In many cases, a properly sealer starter will never (never say never) need attention. However, anytime I rebuild an engine, I take a look at the starter, ensure the bushes and springs are good, the commutor is not too worn, remove any burned spots and lube the bearings.

If you are concerned, it is simple to take apart and lube, hardest part is to get it off the bike! Pay attention when taking it apart, there are usually marks on the three parts, these need to be lined up on reassembly.

If you starter seems to have dead spots or appears to be burned, take the armature to an auto electric shop. They can turn the commutor, clean and do a growler test. Pretty cheap to do and it will be like new when done.

whats moly paste? cant,t you just use normal say water proof grease.

No, it is supposed be a moly paste/grease.

well i think its passed the lubing point now went out to start the bike earlier first time since washing it last week.

pushed the button and can only describe the noise as a smiler to when i think a cat would sound when being swung around by its tail :)

the screeching noise was louder than i don't know what anyway the bike failed to start.

cant believe it died so soon after starting to scream.

so what's involved in getting it off the bike? anything i should now in advance?

Disconnect the battery first.

Remove the red wire from the starter.

Remove the two bolts attaching it to the engine cases, put the starter out.

Easier to pull the starter from the right side. Simply remove exhaust, oil pipe, starter bolts and yank it out.

Mine was screaming. Turned out the pinion was worn out. I ended up buying a new starter as you can not buy a just a rotor assy.

hi guys,

rather than starting a new thread thought id just piggy pack onto this one.

My 04 wr450f starter has just started scretching!! sometimes it does it, some times its fine. Sometimes it doesn;t even spin.. like its got a flat battery or its "sticky" you keep hitting the button tries and tries and then bang it will go at any given time. the battery is good so can rule that one out.

Can any one suggest if it is just a case of remove, clean and lube or is it more than that cosidering the go or no go starter.


anyone can help with this??


read williams second reply on page one, he talks about sticking and flat spots... and what you should do

ok well last night i removed the starter, dis-assemlbed and inspected. there was nothing really to report, commutator was a little dirt so cleaned with 600 grit and co cleaner. Measured comm OD was 17.6 mm. manual says 16.6mm... ***? anyway also cut the mica back as per manual, measured brushes OK. cleaned everything lubed bearing with moly ga50 and re-assembled. the commutator end rotor shaft where it fits into the end bell was quite rough? could this be my source of scream.

However im not convinced as i sometime get scream when i kick over by leg or when the you switch of the engine and it comes to a rest... scretch. thinking i might dive deeper into the started clutch behind the magneto.


pulled the magneto cover off... all looks sound under there, no damaged teeth, bearing good, shafts good. starter clutch operational as per manual..

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