Man almost got beat down!

A man comes into my office, and he wants to see the some photos (from the air) of the city that I work for. I tell him that I have an old oblique picture from the air in my office, circa 1960.

On the way to the office, he makes some comment about my crutches, and how did it happen. I say "Well, I had a mishap on my motorcycle."

The guy replied "Say no more, it is your own fault!"

Thanks, Sherlock.


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Sounds like you need to organise a plane to do some aerial photos of the city, and take him up for the experience. When he falls out of the plane and crashes to his demise, it will be his own fault for not wearing a parachute...

Just kidding...



Are you sure you weren't hiking, or riding a bicycle? Curious as to what he would have said then.

If I am NOT around dirt bikers or for insurance purposes, I ALWAYS say I crashed on my mountain bike!

Six weeks ago, my friend and fellow club member's son broke his leg while "showering" during a race.

Shoulda seen the looks on the medics faces as we "pallbearers" continued right past their ambulance with Ryan strapped onto their stretcher board and slid it into the back of his dad's pickup. :) (we brought it back)

It got better...

At the hospital, the admitting personnel needed to know 'what happened'. (Ryan is still in full MX gear, including helmet!). "He slipped in the bathtub." :D

And so it says on the medical report since no one, including the 17 year old with the busted femur disagreed. Amazing how much simpler the paperwork was...

I fell off the roof once while cleaning the gutters. Wait...I don't have gutters!

Tell him you hurt it playing football, you'll be a hero.

I broke me nose on a Table Top once.

I actually fell off a bar stool drunk and hit the table top with me schnaaaze

Ohh That hurt :)

I said it happend racing bar stools

OK got to explain that one

Ya I was drunk as a skunk,

But I was getting off the bar stool to go water me lizard

My foot slipped into the inside rim at the base.

Being drunk I was unable to react fast enough to remove my foot

So down I went: face slammed an oak table

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Did you ever accidentily hit yourself in the mouth with a hammer? :)

Other good responses:

I was hugging my favorite tree and the branch I was on broke...

I fell off a cliff while chasing a bunny...

I tried to kiss Bambi and she kicked my ass...

I was just trying to get a picture of myself on the bison at Yellowstone...

( have to make these enviro whackos look as stupid as possible)

You could have asked him:

"If I'd said I was mountain biking, skiing, or horseback riding, would that have been politically acceptable to you? Not that I really give a $hit, I'm doing a survey"

I don't have much patience with a$$holes like this. I jacked myself up at the track a little yesterday and it's nobody's fault but my own but I don't need some PC whiner to remind me of that.


An answer like that "Its All Your Fault"

Geez, I probably would have done one of two things

Dropped my shorts and said lets measure


Showed him the door by way of head first

What a freaking MORON

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