Summertime riding in SoCal w/red sticker

Just wanted to find out where people were riding this summer in SoCal with red sticker bikes. Anyone riding in Big Bear? Hungry Valley? Getting hassled at all in these spots? I know its too hot for the desert.


See this URL for some info:

Bill Dart wrote this piece a while ago and it should get you headed the right direction. There is a more recent official posting having something to do with Calif Air Resources Board, but I couldn't find it. You might have better luck if you try.



I live out near Palm Springs and your right it is hot as hell! Yesterday was about 112 with about 50% humidity.. A few weeks ago my buddies and i started in Yucca Valley and rode through all the back roads up through Landers and went up the back way to Big Bear by way of 2nO2(forestry road)the first 25 miles was worst part but you can drive rigth up to 2nO2 and ride from there and there was a nice cool breeze and plenty of shade from the trees. I dont recomend trying to ride through the town of Big Bear to get a drink and gas up. Bring all that with you. We thought we could ride 1o miles into town and get away hassle free. WRONG! we made it in but just as we started to leave the gas station we were pulled over by CHP.. he hassled us for about an hour threatining to take our bikes for 30 days and a healthy fine. Not what you want to hear when your 60 miles from home..So after we kissed his ass for an hour he decided to let us push our bikes back to the gas station and call some one to pick us up. The Chp had to get back to his call he was heading to before he stopped us. He stopped us and hassled us when he admitted he was supposed to be chasing down a drunk driver who already hit 3 cars.Believe me i wanted so bad to talk **** to him and tell him hes an ass for even stopping us instead of chasing the drunk but, I also didnt want him to take my bike. So we pushed our bikes back to the gas station and sat for an hour when some VERY NICE ,WONDERFUL, VERY PRETTY,VERY COMPASTIONATE women said " you guys need a lift?" she had told us she and her husband ride in mexico and she knows what its like to be hassled by cops so she said she had a trailer and she'd be right back . When she came back we loaded up our bikes and headed back to the dirt. She saved our lives. That was one of the nicest things anyone has done for me in a long time. Well now that i've totally sidetracked the question at hand. Look up on your map or Thomas guide and look for Pioneer town . North of Palm Springs and Yucca Valley and take the backroad to Big Bear . It's a beautifl ride and lots of fun . From where we started it was about 120 miles round trip but from the base its about 60-70 miles..

Good Luck and Ride Safe!!


(for those of you who are wondering why i needed to fill up .... I didnt two guy on wr's didnt need gas . WAs the 2 crf's and the cr 500 )

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I ride in the Mojave desert and surrounding mountains with no problems or hassles. In fact, I've had the bike for 2 1/2 years and no one has ever looked at my sticker. Get out there and ride bro.


I've been told by two rangers where I ride that they do not enforce the red sticker restrictions. Riding in Gorman the ranger only wanted to make sure the reg was current and spark arrester legal.

Chris, last weekend I rode in Gorman and didn't see any Rangers. The weekend before I rode in Arrowhead on Saturday and Big Bear on Sunday and again saw no Rangers.

Dave, funny you mentioned the CHP in Big Bear because a few weeks back my buddies must have ran into the same officer. He hassled the crap out of them even though all of their bikes had Ca plates. He made them push their bikes 4 miles on the side of the road while he followed them in his car until they hit the dirt threatening the entire time that he would impound all of the bikes if one of them got on one. Personally, I have been pulled over by the Big Bear cops(not CHP) and the guy just wanted to know if we were going to be riding the next day so he could come with us. He said most of the cops in Big Bear ride and are generally pretty cool about dirt bikes with plates on them. Goodluck, Eric

Makes me wish I had Ca plates on my bike. It would be worth 30 days without the iron horse to see that CHP guy fry in front of a judge that knows what illegal confiscation is about. He obviously has an agenda to fulfill, and it's not fighting real crime. Glad most CHP guys aren't like that.


If he stopped me and I had a legitimate plate on my bike, I would have told him to pound sand and ask why he is trying so hard to intimidate me.

That Cop was obviously picked on as a child.

His Main bitch was that we didnt have plates or signals... I find that CHP have a major EGO trip goin on... In the small town where I live population 1700 we have One traffic signal (that was just put in) and hwy 62 runs right through the middle.. We just got our first sheriff who regularly patrols the neighborhood and he sees us riding and just drives on by but, once in a while we have a CHP come off the highway and drive through the streets lookin for people with no seat belts and other petty bullshyt stuff. He will chase you down if he sees you.. Total DYCKHEAD!!


Careful, Dave, LOL.

Let's see, out of 1700 people in the town with Hwy 62 thru it, one guy with a WR that has no plates and a big black Chevy truck. Oh, crap, they know who you are!

If you need a place to stay, Yamakaze has a couch and a buddy bike you can probably use for a while. If you don't wash for a month, grow dreadlocks, carry around a picture of Tom Daschle, and howl like a wolf, maybe you can hide out as a radical environmentalist for a while. We'll bring you food and Dirt Rider magazines.


Chris, Hey I live in the OC, I often ride at Hungry Valley. Yea it’s a long way for me, but the trails, hills, and open desert areas provide excellent riding. My bike is "Green" (well it was when I bought it anyways, along with the plastic, yea, yea, I hear you guys...Boooo) but I ride with a lot of guys that are not green stickered, 99-02 2-strokes and all. One guy I ride with often, has a 02 WR250, I'm sure you guy's have herd of that bike, we have seen and have spoken with Rangers/Trail volunteers up their quite a few times, in the campsites and on the trail, and the Red stickers don't ever raise an eyebrow. I purchased my bike primarily due to it's one of the handful of bike's that are Green Sticker, besides those boy's in Red a few forums to the left, and hey, nutin wrong with them I just wanted something different. I just always assumed it's one of those "don't ask, don't tell" situations in HV. I plan on trying Big Bear or Arrowhead to see if I can get some pine splinters in my handguards, maybe soon. Anyways, I hope you draw your own conclusion from this, like I said, it has never been a problem for me or the guy's I ride with. But it is an awesome place to ride and due to the slightly higher elevation it is usually a lot cooler than it is down in the LA area.

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