passenger pegs

this summer i looked and looked for passenger pegs for my wr 426. i found nothing. not even a hint, so i rigged it up myself and when it was done, i was quite happy with the results. they fold up so when i don't need them they're out of the way. i've never noticed them even when riding tight trails or hills or woops. i ride my bike on the road and now my wife can come too.

first i went and bought some pegs normally used for highway bikes. the ones you can mount on the front to stretch out your legs. they clamp around the bars and tighten with a bolt. at first i planned to just clamp them around the rear subrame, but they just slid around as soon as any weight was put on them, so i got a piece of 1/8" flatbar fom t.s.c. and bent it so it would fit between the subframe bars and over the pipe to keep the pegs from sliding. after that it worked great. over some time it has relaxed a bit, so ill have to put in an extra nut to angle them up a little more, but that can wait till summer when i have a nice warm, and roomy area to work on it. the pegs i got are also removable just by taking out a pin.

thats pretty badass! i bet that seat gets small!!

yep, i don't take passengers when im riding in the bush, but for relaxed terrain it works great.

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