clutch cover

im looking for an answer to my question deeper in the forums but if sombody knows now it could be a lot easier. k i have an 08 yz450f and somehow i cracked my clutch cover dunno how i never fall haha. the crack isn't very bad so i was going to jb weld it but i believe the cover is magnesium after trying to knock the bend back out it appears to be trying to spidercrack so i think jb weld is out. i called yamaha and a new cover is 70 dollars. cant get ahold of the used parts place to price check. anybody already have a similar problem and is a used one that much cheaper? thanks for the help. :banana:


You can get stock ones off ebay for $20 or less all day long. The YFZ450 (quad) and the YZ450F have used the same clutch cover from 03-09 (except the newer ones were painted black).

I also need to replace mine but i don't know which one to buy Boyesen or hinson? Any input on this would be greatly app.

GYT-R is cheaper.

What is GYT-R, sorry this is my first bike, i am really new to all this. Will the finish wear off like the stock one. Yes the other two are more expensive but i heard they do not wear.

GYT-R is the factory yamaha race gear. To find out more about go to the yamaha site. They have all kinds of stuff. Its kinda like after market stuff but says GYT-R and yamaha on it. As for the J.B weld idea that is a very bad one. 70-80 bucks is cheap compared to a new bottom end that the JB will cause you if it comes off inside your clutch cover and goes all through your engine!

cool thnx for the help.

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