Need some help with the new WR450.....UPDATE...FIXED

Went to install some Cycra ProBend Guards using triple clamp

mounts. The brake line was right in the way. I dont see a

way around it. So I decided to use the handlebar mounts,

and they are in the way of the clutch line. I would have

to rotate one or the other WAY out of the way.

So anyone have any insight on this? What are you using for

guards, and how did you mount them?

Pics would be awesome.


I have the TUSK D-Flex and they went on no problem.


I just cut the little tab that held the brake line in one place, and

slightly rotated the line to allow the triple clamp mount to be



I'm fighting the same battle on my WR250F. I don't really want to grind the tab of my MC though. What did you do about the headlight mounting bracket?

Which tab did you cut off, the upper or lower one?

Cut off the upper tab. It doesnt really hurt anything to cut it off. You

now have the handguards to protect the brake line from any direct hits.

The headlight upper mounting hole will not fit without some modifications

either. I just took an angle grinder and ground down the radius section

of the plastic tab so that the hole would line up with the bracket. Basically

just cut the excess off the end. The metal that the bolt goes through

will remain in place. Just grind down the plastic until you get to the metal.

I didn't have to cut the tab, I just loosened it up and rotated it past the notch to where it cleared the guard. It took awhile to put them on because

they had to ground down to to fit but they are in my opinion hands down the best protection available. They have been tested many times without fail.

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