Best Air Filter

Who makes the best aftermarket air filter for the WR? I have had great luck with K&N oil filters, but several people have told me to stay away from their air filters for dirt bikes. Any opinions? I know that everyone will have a different opinion, but are there any brands I should definitely stay away from?

I use No toil. It is SUPER easy to clean. Don't know if it filters any better thatn the others but since I don't mind cleaning it, my bike has a clean filter most of the time. :)

I use a "Uni" foam air filter with "Maxima FFT" synthetic, high quality filter oil...I got both from "Baja Designs". "Uni" is probably the most popular and quality is excellent. They now also use a rubber (or urethane?) grommet at the wing nut for a better seal as used by "Twin Air" and "White Brothers", also high quality filters...

Avoid "K+N" thin pleated oiled cotton filters. They don't stop nearly as much fine dust, increasing engine wear...

By the way, I also really like my "Micronic" reusable, easily washable oil filter. Made of medical grade stainless steel mesh in a strong machined aluminum frame. They claim that 10 times smaller particles are stopped compared to the flimsy stock filter. Also got it from Baha Designs...

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