help 400 or 426

Is the older wr400 more reliable than a 426 ? I´m going to look at a 426 with motard and enduro wheels but i have heard something about steel valves etc. on the 400. I´m thinking about replacing my bulletproof xr650 for a yam should i do it?



The 426 is a bit better overall package. The Ti valves aren't really an issue like they are on Hondas. I got almost 10k miles on mine before it was time to replace the center intake. 426 has the Gen 2 FCR carb with internal hot start so starting when hot is a bit easier. The clutch is better, and the small end rod bearing is bigger (the one weak spot, if you can call it that) OF THE 400.

Either one will give you miles and miles of reliable, high performance fun.

fyi, the last models of the wr400s had the newerstyle carb with the hot start intenerally, mine does. It however, does not have a leak jet. Since I got my bike, i have never needed to adjust my valves

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