Star shaped screw under carb.

I tried the search to no avail. I am in process of cleaning carb. and doing the throttle stop mod. Carb. was really gummed up since bike had been sitting for at least a year when I bought it. The bike is '00 WR 400. I was about to take the bowl off, but don't kmow the deal with this brass colored, star shaped piece located on the bottom. Is it an adjustment, drain,etc? O-ring looks a little boogered up too. I guess what I'm asking is it worth messing with? I don't want to install the carb. just to take it back out to deal with this. Sorry for all the newbie questions, but don't have a shop manual. Is there one on-line? Thanks, Usedup.

Sounds like an aftermarket fuel screw... get a new oring as needed. Is it about an inch a half long with two little washers, spring and o-ring? If so, it is a fuel screw and star shaped would indicate aftermarket so it can be adjusted by hand vs. the stock one which requires a stubby screw driver.

I think that's what threw me. This screw (star end) is about the size of thumbnail. Will this piece thread all the way out and will spring,etc. come with it? After replacing the o-ring is it the old seat it and back out 1 1/2 turns? Really appreciate the help.

Be careful removing it as the spring, o-ring and washers are extremely small and yes, the o-ring and one washer may stick inside...

At this point, I'm still just guessing that we are talking about the fuel screw...

This will give you a baseline method for setting the fuel screw and sizing your pilot if you need to -

Starting at 1 1/2 turns out is a good place to start... have you turned it at all yet? If not, just count how many turns it is out now and use that as your baseline when you put everything back together.

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