XT-600 Cam-chain

The camchain on my '90 xt-600 is making too much noise,at least thats what i think i hear.Can i adjust it,or is it automaticly tensioned? You guys been big help before.Thanks for replies! Royce

I noticed alot of engine noise out of my Xt600 as well.

I don't think that there is anything that you can do about it. On the lower left hand side of the cylinder is the tensioner, and if that bolt is tight, there is not much more that I know of to do.


If you don't mind me asking, what kind of riding do you do on your XT 600s? I recently bought a 94 XT 600 for what I thought was a good price $1375. My idea was to use it to hop on after work and go find dirt roads etc. Kind of a true dual sport. It quit running soon afte purchasing - I think the problem is rust in the gas tank. I'm now wondering if it is worth fooling with getting repaired? or just unloading.

I think that is exactly what that bike is meant for. It is comfortable on the road, and the engine creates the kind of torque that is perfect for cruising on the fire roads.

Mine was very reliable, and never really broke down. I did not like the fact that it did not have a fuel filter, so I put one on.

I think the YDIS carb system sucked.

I'd say to keep the bike, make it run, and have fun. Should run forever.


Thanks for replies fellas.I bought my XT mainly for exploring the backroads in da Ozarks.A friend who knows the manager of a dealership in Mi. got me this bike for $700,it has 9000 mi and in very good condition.My brother just bought a new XR-650L and my old XT is smoother and more comfortable on blacktop! Gotta admit though,on the dirt backroads that XR suspension is plush! Going up or down some of these mountainside roads can be very rough and my XT's rear shock cant handle it. These dirtroads here are so rough some sections i wish i was on a trials bike--lol. The IRC tires are now worn-out,but i just got some mew Kenda K270s for it--5.10 rear,3.25 front. Was thinking bout freshning up the engine this winter,--piston,cam,some light porting,than i'll spank my brothers XR,engine wise at least! Powerwise the XR-650 dont impress me. To bad yamaha didn't keep evolving on the XT-600 !

thanks for the advice.

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